Sorry!- We are currently closed for new bookings
Sorry!- We are currently closed for new bookings 

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01934 862357

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Reception opening hours 4 - 7pm or by appointment. Sorry but we can not accept arrivals after 10pm

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What is different about Alice's guesthouse?  

Well, we have been operating on a much larger scale, offering 4 star Visit Britain rated accommodation and parking for Bristol Airport since 2006..  Now Alice's has been set up on the same site to specifically accommodate guests who are leaving on early flights from Bristol Airport.  That means everyone is doing the same thing, and you don't get situations where someone is arriving in very late at night and someone else is leaving very early, resulting in everybody being disturbed all night long.  Alice's is quiet accommodation, set in a farm setting


Your Car 

Your car stays here on site in the car park whilst you are away, it is not moved off site. 


Is it secure parking 

It's not a locked compound, and cars are parked at owners risk, but having said that, the car park is located right next to our living accommodation and we have not had a single problem over the years with security (touch wood). Anyone trying to enter that area would have to get through the gate which is patrolled by Herman the German (he's a german shepherd!) and Rommel (he's a Rottweiler).  IF... they were to make it alive past those two, they have this guy to contend with; we call him `the enforcer' and believe me.... it's an appropriate name.  Note the look in his eye.... would you want to go up against him?????

Sometimes we can't even get to our own cars because of this fella!
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